What happens when two sisters with pole apart personalities share a similar dream?

They come together to build a brand that holds a special place in their hearts. They spilled their unique personalities into this art, naming it “Jan” - derived from the name of Roman deity Janus, also means “doorway”. And “April” - derived from the Latin word Aperit, also means “to open”. The birth month of two sisters came together creating a beautiful “doorway to open”.

They used the special ingredient of their Indian and Australian roots to build something that transcends beyond typical Indian fashion. The sisters take inspiration from the rich, traditional crafts and skills of India to make modern silhouettes - for the modern women!

Started during the peak of the pandemic, when the unemployment wave hit the country, Jan & April decided to take shape and help workers with the needful.

The label soon created more earning opportunities for people from low-income groups. Being a conscious fashion brand, Jan & April bridges the gap between traditional Indian craftsmanship, city vibes and modern silhouettes.

Conceptualised in Australia and made with loads of love in India, each piece is intimately handcrafted and holds a story.

This women-led conscious fashion label believes in encapsulating the idea of conscious buying, slow fashion, recycling, and up-cycling the remains from ensembles, thereby ensuring that zero-waste.The products from this “The Upcycle Project” make their way to zero waste, thereby bringing precious smiles to us as a reward.